Our Process

Our Traditional 100 Year Old Fermentation Process



We organically grow and select the optimal produce and herbs based on their nutritional and constituent value. Making sure we start with the highest-grade and real ingredients is key.


Our science is founded on a century old HANDMADE fermentation process in Japan. This is patented and not trademarked. Fermentation allows the vital nutrients to be broken down into micro nutrients for greater nutritional value. Simply, fermentation, pre-digests vital nutrients for you. Since fermentation is acid resistant this will allow your body to quickly absorb (up to 90%) of the mega nutrients.

No Heat:

Since we use no heat in the process, all the live active enzymes, amino acids, phyto-nutrients, friendly bacteria, and nutrients are preserved.

One Year Fermentation:

All our ingredients are made with our patented process and fermented for over one year. This ensures that all the potential nutrients of the ingredients will be unlocked and the product can be aged properly.