Our Science

Handled with Care and Respect for Nature

Our founder, Takashi Kondo, is an expert and author of "Friendly Soil Bacteria Fermentation And Why It's Good for Your Health". Our fermentation is based on the century old Handmade Fermentation Science and on "Koso," the 52 bacteria only harvested in Japan. This process has been patented and is used in making Koso Super Drink. 

In Japan, ageing with bacterial fermentation has long been recognized as a health benefit of specialty foods and health products. It has been used for over a thousand years in Japan. Most people know products like nato, miso and other fermented foods. However, fermented foods have been linked to the reason for Japanese people’s longest life span and health. Fermentation science employs a wide range of microbes, probiotics, prebiotics, & beneficial friendly bacteria. This has been at the forefront of many research and developments of our products. 



Our Science is founded upon on handmade procedures, making sure each step is handled properly without destroying the integrity of the product. With this methodology and science we were able to patent many of our processes.